United Kingdom to build nuclear weapons to counter China

United Kingdom to build nuclear weapons to counter China

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British prime minister Boris Johnson while reviewing the country’s foreign policy stated that, the United Kingdom needs to build up its nuclear weapon and expand its presence in the fields of space technology and the cyber space in response to the growing challenges posed by the China.

As per CNN, the British government is likely to increase its defence spending by a whooping amount of 24 billion euros in the coming four years in addition to the 42.2 billion euros spent in 2019-20.

Mentioning China as the biggest state based threat to the country’s economic security, the review stated, “China’s increasing power and international assertiveness is likely to be the most significant geopolitical factor of the 2020s”.

The Prime minister also stated that, ‘There is no question that China will pose a great challenge to an open society such as ours, but we also work with China where that is consistent with our values and interests including building a strong and positive economic relationship and in addressing  climate change’.

The report proclaiming Russia as the country’s top security challenge stated that, ‘Russia is the most acute threat in the region and we will work with NATO Allies to ensure a united Western response, combining military, intelligence and diplomatic efforts’.

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