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Unique technology of Indian startup ‘Swaaha’

Recently Swaha, a unique technology based domestic waste management Indian startup of the Indian Institute of Technology Indore, launched its mobile organic waste processing unit “Havankund” at the institute campus in Simrol.

Two students of IIT Indore have found a technique that seems to be solving the problem of waste management. Rohit Agarwal and Jwalant Shah along with their teacher Sameer Sharma have developed a mobile waste processing van. With which the process of converting the waste into compost can be started at the pickup location itself.

Unique technology of Indian startup ‘Swaaha’

Its first use was done in Chappan Dukan area of ​​Indore. These students started their startup named “Swaha” in the year 2016. It takes a total of 10 to 12 days to make compost from waste. The very first step of this process can be done at the same place through the van. The rest of the processing is done at Swaha’s composting centre. For this facility, Swaha charges from 70 paise to 2.5 rupees per kg.

Initially, these friends had prepared their first car by depositing Rs 14 lakh. Today Swaha has four such vans, which are serving 15 townships, 7 big hotels and 4 education centers in Indore. Now these three are working to make this idea from local to global.

Havanakund is a vehicle that has been modified into a complete wet waste composting unit and has a capacity to process 400 kg of waste per hour. The compost generated from the waste by Swaaha Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. is available for use on the premises and can also be purchased online. Along with the launch, Swaha also presented a roadmap for making IIT Indore a “zero-waste campus”.

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