National digital health mission to revolutionise health in India

National digital health mission to revolutionise health in India

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has launched the Prime Minister’s national digital health mission (NDHM) on 27th September, in an effort to revolutionise the nations health infrastructure. Under this, individuals will be given a unique health ID card, which will accommodate all the medical history of the card holder. Under this scheme, the health-related data of the Indian nationals will be collected at one place.

The health card can also be used like a health passport. Having the unique health ID, doctors will be able to see the complete medical data of the patient, thus helping him for the further treatment. Using this card, the authority can also easily identify the government schemes which the patient can be benefitted of. Like whether the patient gets the benefit of treatment facilities under Ayushman Bharat or not.

National digital health mission to revolutionise health in India

What is a Unique Health ID under National digital health mission ?

The Unique Health ID will be a 14 digit randomly generated number. The purpose of this campaign is to make people aware in the health sector and connect them with the unified national health mission.

Through this card, complete health records of the person like treatment related investigations, reports, complete information related to medicines can be kept. The facility of Unique Health Card will be completely online under the Digital Health Mission.

Will the Unique Health ID be generated through Aadhar Card only?

No, it is not so. If you want, you can also make a health card from your Aadhar card. For this, you have to enter your Aadhaar number and after that you have to verify it by entering the received OTP.

If you do not want to give your Aadhar card, then you can make a health card without Aadhar card. For this you have to give your mobile number. After giving the mobile number, you have to verify it through OTP.

Health card data is safe or not?

The health card data is completely safe. Any doctor can see your data only once and requires access permission for the second time viewing.

What information is needed to create a Digital Health ID?

To create a Digital Health ID, you will have to provide some information including a recent photograph, your date of birth and the address. For this you have to fill a form. After filling the form, all the information entered by you will be updated on the platform. Through this card, a person will also be able to take advantage of many other health facilities in future.

How to get health card?

  • To generate the health card, you need to self-register by downloading the NDHM Health Record Application from the Health ID web portal ( or Google Playstore.
  • Apart from this, cards will also be made at government-private hospitals, health centers, primary health centers and common service centers.

Under the Prime Minister’s Digital Health Mission, a unique health card of every person will be made by the government itself. This card will be completely digital which will look like Aadhar card. A 14 digit number will be given on this card. Through this number, the doctor will be able to know the complete record of that person.

Is it necessary to make a Health ID or not?

No, it is not necessary to have a health ID. One can voluntarily choose the option to generate Health ID. To opt out of this facility, the user can either permanently delete or temporarily deactivate his/her health ID

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