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Uric Acid; Problem and Permanent Treatment

You must have heard someone saying that “Oh I am sick, I have Uric Acid”, well technically everyone has uric acid. But have you ever thought, what causes high uric acid. Actually, the problem is not that our body is having Uric Acid, it is basically the high high uric acid symptoms that our body fails to remove.

The basic answer to the question, what causes uric acid ? can be understood by the fact that the three key components of our daily intake are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The end product of the processed protein within the body is the Uric acid.

What is uric acid ?

It is a chemical compound created in our body when we eat foods high in uric acid i.e foods rich in purine like red meat, anchovies, seafood, alcoholic beverages etc.. When the digestion of such uric acid foods takes place and purines are broken down “Uric Acid” is produced. This Uric Acid dissolves into the blood and travels to kidneys. From there it is removed by our body along with Urine.

But sometimes higher levels of Uric Acid are produced and our body fails to dispose it off.

High uric acid levels in our blood leads to a condition called Hyperuricemia. It also leads to Gout in certain cases.

Uric Acid: Problem and Treatment

Uric acid test

A simple uric acid blood test is enough to find out whether or not your body has high uric acid level. The normal range of uric acid level in body for men is 3.4 to 7 mg/dL and for women is 2.4 to 6 mg/dL.

How to cure uric acid permanently ?

The following 12 practices will surely answer the question, how to lower uric acid ?

  • High purine foods : Since it is the high level of purine intake that leads to higher level of Uric Acid in blood, so avoiding to have high purine foods in your diet is the most basic way to cure it.
  • Muscle mass : A healthy body automatically repels a thousand diseases. As the fat cells produce much uric acid as compared to the muscle cells, thus getting rid of the overweight could be one of the best and the easiest method to maintain the normal uric acid levels.
  • Uric acid reducer : Having lime water on a daily basis helps knock out excess uric acid from the blood. Lime juice contains citric acid. This dissolves the Uric Acid which further is passed out through the urine. Along with this fruits rich in vitamin C should also be consumed.
  • What kills uric acid ? : Basically consumption of apple is one of the easiest way to kill the uric acid within the body and this could be done in two ways, either having it as a solid fruit or in the form of apple cider vinegar. As, being a natural detoxifier the malic acid present within the apple helps in breaking down the uric acid.
  • Fresh fruit : Having antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables.

  • Regular insulin : Maintaining insulin level is also advised as it is directly connected to the excess of uric acid in the body.
  • Alkaline food : Having alkaline food also helps maintain the low uric acid level within the body.
  • Processed sugar : Avoiding processed sugar intake.
  • Alcohol shots : Avoiding alcoholic intake as it dehydrates the body, thus causing excessive pressure on the kidney.
  • High fiber cereal : Having high fiber diet helps absorb the excess uric acid from the blood.
  • Blood purifier : Drinking plenty of water do works well, as it helps improve the blood flow thus helps in avoiding the accumulation of uric acid within the joints.
  • Yoga and meditation : Including yogic practices in daily routine helps relieve stress from the body. It helps in getting good quality of sleep and also improves muscle health, thus helping the body to avoid any kind of inflammation within, as inflammation is also one of the reasons of increasing uric acid within the body.
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