World’s most profitable car maker Tesla threatens employees

World’s most profitable car maker Tesla threatens employees


Tesla has become the world’s most profitable car maker as it overtakes Japan’s Toyota. The company was overtaken after it’s shares hits the new high.

On Wednesday, the shares of the electric car maker hit  $1,134, leaving it with the market value of $209.47 bn. This was much more than Toyota’s actual value. Though last year Toyota sold around 30 times more cars and the revenue generated was 10 times more.

According to Tesla they will be selling 500,000 vehicles in 2020, as forecasted by Elon Musk and despite the pandemic, the forecast by the company has not changed.

Tesla though has bought Toyota but now it is proving to be one of the companies with the rude behavior towards its employees during this pandamic. Some of the labor activities and workers of the company have reported that the company during the time of pandemic is treating them to return to job else they will be fired.

Carlos Gabriel, a worker at Tesla has said, as quoted, ” There are people who are paying to keep us safe, and they’re just turning the other cheek“. After this incidence Mr.Musk has informed that the company has tried to maintain the security of the employees and should return only if they feel comfortable with it

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