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World UFO day 2020 by WUFODO


World UFO day is celebrated on 2nd of July in order to know more and understand about the Unidentified Flying Object and alien life existence.

In 2001, an organisation, “World UFO day organisation” (WUFODO) decided 2nd of July as UFO day, to celebrate they gathered together with theory’s and evidences of life beyond the earth to support the existence of these unknown species.

WUFODO celebrate this day to acknowledge people, to know more about these mysterious species and encourage them to think that they are not the only living beings in this universe.

Having two stories some celebrate UFO day on 2nd July and by others on June 24.

As on June 24, it was reported that aviator Kenneth Arnold had seen a UFO in the US. Arnold described the UFO as a saucer-like object or a big flat disk design. It is this design that has been used for UFOs for decades now.

Whereas for July 2, the story is such that, a UFO had supposedly crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. The incident reported was that on an unknown day in July of 1947, there was a crash in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico as the US Army Air Force was carrying out a top-secret project. A witness to the crash, Willam Brazael described that the wreckage was made of rubber strips and tin foil and was not made of tough paper and sticks. There was a cover up story but the incident has been serving as the basis for the conspiracy theory ever since.

WUFODO promotes people to come out and look up at the stars to look for UFO’s. According to the organisation, the most important thing is to get people on board with the idea of UFO’s.

Till now there is no scientific proof of the existence of UFO’s but some people had seen these flying objects, that’s why WUFODO is encouraging people to find out about these uneven things and to do research about them.

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