China bonds the UK to stop Hongkongers Residency

China bonds the UK to stop Hongkongers Residency


The new security law that has been imposed on Hong Kong by China has received the backlash from all over the world. As per the words of the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “The law is a brutal, sweeping crackdown against the people of Hong Kong, intended to destroy the freedoms they were promised “. Amid the current situation the US house of representatives has approved new Hong Kong related sanctions.

According to reports, critics say that this law ends freedom. The UK Prime Minister has said that passing such a law clearly breaks the 1985 Sino-British joint declaration. This declaration gave Hong Kong to China but with certain freedoms in 1997.

It has also been reported that even before the law was passed, the US had started eliminating Hong Kong’s special status. The country stopped the defence export and had even restricted access to high technology products. US had signed a law last year supporting the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

China has taken one more big decision, saying that the UK doesn’t have any right to grant residency to Hongkonger. China has said that those fleeing the new law have no right to take residency in the UK and not only this, the Country has encouraged to take measures to stop such a move.

This came after the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to offer a million residents of the former British Colony. Dominic Raab, the UK foreign secretary has confessed that there is little that the country can do if China blocks Hongkongers come to the UK.

Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador has said that if the UK does so then it will be a violation of the agreement between the two countries. Just after 9 hours, the law came into effect, the police have started the arrest of people for breaking the law.

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