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Tesla rival Nio Inc. stocks touches new high


It seems like China based electric carmaker Nio Inc. is ready to take on its rival, the American EV maker Tesla as with the release of its latest sales data for the month of October its stocks have soared towards a record Monday. The company has reported to double the sales of its monthly record to more than 5,000 electric vehicles. Nio reported to deliver nearly 5,055 EVs in October, which is 100% up as compared to the same period a year ago.

Their delivery includes a figure of 2,695 for the ES6 SUV, 1,477 for the ES8 SUV and 883 for the EC6 SUV. Until now for the year 2020, the company’s sales figure has touched the mark of 31,430 vehicles, which is 111.4% up for the same period of the previous year. In addition, the shares Nio has gained 759.9% as compared to the Tesla which has managed to gain nearly 380.8% so far this year.

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