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Sony to launch PS5 and 26 new games


Sony company has finally shown up as to what new Playstation 5 would look like. The company has revealed the 26 new games that will be coming in the near future.

The company has disclosed two new variants of the gaming console. One which has been the conventional form of loading games with Blu ray disc drive, and the other with the Digital Edition, that will only allow downloading games via the internet.

Digital Edition will allow gaming studios to cut out the middlemen and direct downloads of the games can be done.

If we consider the design language of the new PS5, it falls in the line of the color scheme of the Dual Sense Controller, with the outer shell completely white.

The new features revealed by the company about the gaming consoles include enhanced haptic feedback on the controller, built-in motion sensor, and many more.

Sony at the time of the online launch event has also showcased some big gaming labels.

The games will be launched over the time period of two years, starting at the end of this year. Though they haven’t mentioned any price at the event. The price is expected to be revealed in the next few months before the start of the US holiday season.

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