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The US witnessed the highest death rate due to COVID-19


The US as was dealing with the protest in the death of George Floyd, the nation met with another tragedy.

The death rate in the US has now reached up-to 340 per million, which is 100 times more than the death rate in China.

The Times reports, On Wednesday, suggested that the death rate in China is 3.32 Million and that of the US is 340 Million.

When we compare the US with the world, it has the most number of COVID -19 cases.

The two states that have been hit hardest are New York and New Jersey with almost 3 in 10 deaths and 1 in 10 deaths respectively.

On the other hand, China reported the first case of Coronavirus in Wuhan City in December. The same was reported to the WHO on 31st December. 

The Chinese authorities started all the necessary steps to control the spread of the diseases. To date, only 16% of COVID-19 cases have occurred outside Hubei.

Apart from China, other countries have also kept the death rate low. Vietnam with a population of 96 Million, has reported no death case due to COVID-19. The increasing death rate of the US shows that the government is unable to put a coordinated approach, which is required to reverse the current trends.

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