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Plaintiffs to sue 6ix9ine for $5.3 Million


Two concert promoters to sue Tekashi 6ix9ine for $5.3 million later this month. Benhur Tesfalident, and Anton Alexander, the Plaintiffs, are the two promoters who are accusing the rainbow-haired rapper 6ix9ine.

The rapper has been accused of fraud, violation of contract, and slander.

The promoters alleged that 6ix9ine canceled a concert in 2018, without notice.

Advance fees $58470 were allegedly pocketed by the rapper ahead of time.

They also said that the rapper has made calumnious comments about them on social media.

As a response to this 6ix9ine claimed that the Plaintiffs did not pay him. And goes on them, calling corrupt as reported by Complex reports.

The plaintiffs in 2018 filed a lawsuit, which they withdraw six months later. Other than 6ix9ine the defendants in the suit were Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, 6ix9ine’s manager, MTA Booking, Will Cornish another booking agent, and Christian  Ehigiator,  6ix9ine’s original manager.

6ix9ine was In prison for his involvement with a New York Street Gang and came out earlier this year.

Even after being surrounded by so much controversy, the rappers continue to put out music.

6ix9ine jointly with Nicki Minaj will release his music entitled “Trollz” today on June 12, 2020. Apart from this, he is also working on an alliance with Akon.

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