Samsung spends $8.9 billion in R&D for the first half

Samsung spends $8.9 billion in R&D for the first half


Samsung, the South Korean company, touches a new high record. The research and development (R&D)spending by the company for the year’s first half has touched the mark of $8.9 billion, which is nearly 9.8% of the sales accounted by the company for the same duration.

As per reports the company has recruited around 1400 new employees, which has increased its number of employees to 106,074. For the first half of the year Apple, Deutsche Telekom, Huawei, and Verizon are some of the largest customers of Samsung. The company has dominated the market shares in various spheres such as global TV (32.4%), smartphone (16.3%), DRAM (43.8%), and smartphone display market (41.3%) for the duration.

Continuing its research culture the company remains one of the world’s top brands in terms of the investment of funds in the research and development purposes.

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