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Milton Glaser: I ❤ NY logo designer dies


Milton Glaser, the most influential logo designer of the generation, dies at the age of 91 years. The designer became famous for his logo I ❤ NY.

The designer died on 26 June, on his 91 St birthday in Manhattan. The logo designer received the National award from Ex-President Obama in 2010.

Milton Glaser in his career of 6  decades had vowed his talent to books, posters, and periodicals. He has even contributed to films, restaurant interiors, and public artworks.

In 1968 he also founded the New York magazine with the editor Clay Felker and designed hundreds of issues.

Mr. Glaser in his interview in 2019 said, as quoted, “People everywhere were anxious to say, ‘I love something“. He was the one who often drew the images of the past to show it’s relevance in the past.

Shirley Glaser, wife of Mr. Glaser told the New York Times that  the cause of his death was a stroke and renal failure.

Ellen Lupton, said about the designer as quoted, “At a time when European designers, especially in Switzerland, were defining the terms of vanguard design, Milton Glaser helped launch an alternative ethos rooted in American pop culture and counterculture.”

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