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World War 3: Tension at LAC Heated to worse


Amidst the situation of crisis, where the world is struggling against Coronavirus. Here comes the new challenge. The heated India and China dispute along LAC is posing a chances of World War 3.

The dispute between India and China is taking a turn to worse. It started over the Himalaya border, which first led to the death of 3 men. Later in another attack, India lost it’s 20 brave soldiers to the deadly unarmed clash while the Chinese loosing its undeclared men which was estimated to be around 40.

Now here comes the news that China is protruding a large number of military troops and infrastructure at the Himalaya border. This can be seen as a violation of the bilateral agreement between the two countries.

According to the reports of the observers, who are keeping an eye on China through Satellite,  said that Beijing has sanctioned construction of helipads. And also they have even extended the troops to the area.

On Thursday, Anurag Shrivastava said as quoted, ” At the heart of the matter is that since early May, the Chinese side had been amassing a large contingent of troops and armaments along the LAC.” He has even demanded China, to cool the tensions, as the persistence of the current situation will only spoil the atmosphere.

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