COVID-19: 90% or more Americans are likely to be infected

COVID-19: 90% or more Americans are likely to be infected


COVID-19, the deadly disease is still out of control and is infecting more people day by day. The conditions in the America are worsening as time is moving ahead.

According to the reports, more than 2.5 million cases are prevailing in the country. Out of this, 125,000 people have died because of the deadly virus.

Officials have reported the number of infected cases in the country is likely to be 10 times more than the actual number.

Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, informed that, according to the antibodies test, that is conducted to observe how the immune system responded to the virus, showed that around 20 million people were infected by the disease, without knowing.

Though the number is high, still only 5% to 8% of the Americans have been infected by the disease. 

Dr. Redfield said that still 90% or more people of the country are likely to be infected by the virus, and said that proper measures should be taken to confront the rising rate of infection in the country.

CDC said that it is not only those people above 65 years, who are prone to disease. But those suffering from obesity, asthma, chronic kidney disease, sickle cell disease, etc are likely to be affected by the virus.

On Friday, Six States reported the highest number of COVID -19 cases. The highly infected states are Arkansas (678 new cases), Florida(9,585 new cases Saturday, whereas on Friday the number of new cases was 8,9 38),Georgia(1,900 new cases), Idaho(283 new cases),Tennessee(1,410 new cases), and Utah(676 new cases).

According to John Hopkins University, 33 more states have been witnessing the increase in the number of new cases.

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