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Tension rising at India-China border


Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, tension seems to rise at the India-China border. On Monday, 3 Indian soldiers were killed at the border by the troops of China. The disruption was caused as a result of a clash between the soldiers of the two nations. The soldiers were killed in a tussle that involved the use of wooden clubs & the rocks and they were not shot.

The clash seemed to be similar to the fights that took place at the India-China border in the month of May. A number of soldiers of both nations were injured in the fight. It is being stated that the scuffle at the border resulted in the killing of soldiers for the first time in the last few decades.

It had been reported that one of the three soldiers killed was an army officer. The senior military officials of both nations are trying to bring the situation under control. The skirmish took place in the Indian Territory and soldiers from both sides were involved in large numbers who kept wrangling with not just hands but clubs & rocks too; as stated by the Indian Military analysts. The entire situation was steaming from the last week of April

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