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Steroid “breakthrough” increased the hopes


On Tuesday, the World health organization announced a “breakthrough ” steroid treatment for the pandemic. It was expected this treatment will reduce the death rate due to COVID-19.

But the growing new crowd of COVID-19 in China has increased the fear of the second wave of infection. Increasing the death rates in America and South Asia, in addition to it, the new crowd of infectious cases in Beijing has raised the tension among the world.

It has raised the doubts in the mind of people as to when will it be possible for the world to control the spread of COVID-19.

Though the US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has warned the world that the world’s biggest economy won’t be recovered until there is uncertainty about the control of pandemic.

But still, the news of proven treatment for the COVID-19 has raised the hopes of people all around.

The drug dexamethasone was administered by the team of researchers led by the University of Oxford. The drug was given to 2,000 severely ill COVID-19 patients.

It reduced the death rate by 35 %, among those who could breathe without a ventilator. Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced that the drug will be soon made available to the patients suffering from the infection.

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