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Smoke rises in the North Korean town Kaesong


Just a few hours after the North received the fresh threats of military action at the Korean Border. North Korea blows up a joint liaison office with the South, which was in the town of Kaesong, near the North’s border.

The liaison office which was opened in 2018 to help Koreans to communicate, especially in a state of war, was blown up as a display of action.  The same has been empty due to the restrictions of COVID-19, since January 2020.

The same has increased the tensions between North and South Korea. It is a serious set back for South Korean President Moon Jae and those who were working to develop the inter Korean relationship and peace settlement in the Korean Peninsula.

Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korea’s leader, on Saturday warned, that South will soon witness the tragic scene of the collapse of the useless liaison office.

The North has even endangered to break down the Kaesong factory completely and withdrew the 2018 tension reduction agreement.

According to observes, such actions can trigger clashes across the sea borders and land.

South Korea in a statement has warned the North, that if the situation turns worse then they would respond to it strongly. The government has said that the whole responsibility of this goes to North Korea.

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