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Florida witnesses an increase in COVID-19 cases


The situation of crisis is turning darker day by day. The number of COVID-19 cases is increasing rapidly. The situation instead of turning better is taking a worse turn.

Tuesday, sets a new record of a single day COVID-19 cases. The number of infectious cases recorded were 2,783. This has brought up the count of the total number of cases in the State to more than 80,000. The same has been recorded as the number of patients suffering from the pandemic in the state from the last three months.

The number of death cases due to the pandemic has reached 55 cases, which brings the total to around 3085. The number of hospitalized cases of both residents and none residents has gone up by 191 people.

The Government and the state officials have said the reason for the increase in the number of cases due to COVID-19 is because of the expanded testing.

Florida has witnessed the third of breaking the record of COVID-19 cases. Tuesday is the 14 th consecutive day when the state has recorded more than 1000 cases of the COVID-19. The count of cases is going upward and upward on Florida with each coming day.

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