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Amid Covid-19, Cat Que Virus fears India

As India continues the battle against the Covid-19, a new virus Cat Que Virus (CQV) is ready to attack the country. Scientists have recently revealed and warned the country to get ready to fight with the new Chinese virus that has the potential to spread in India. This virus is a form of the arthropod-borne virus and can cause paediatric encephalitis, meningitis, and febrile illnesses in humankind. As per latest updates, the virus has already started to spread in China.


The Indian Council of Medical Research’s (ICMR) National Institute of Virology in Pune revealed that, the virus was found in pigs and the Cluex species of mosquitoes in Vietnam and China, and the matter of concern for India is that there are certain species of mosquitoes in the country too which are similar to that of Culex.


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