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Khloe Kardashian Celebrated her birthday

The Keeping up Star celebrates her 36th birthday, on Saturday. Khloe Kardashian, the star felt gratified with all the wishes from her friends, family and fans.

The star was overrun with so many delightful and adorable messages on her birthday.

The star penned on her Twitter, as quoted, “Hi you guys!!!! It’s barely 9 AM and I am flooded with so many sweet and beautiful messages. I love you guys so much and I could not feel more loved! Thank you 1 million times thank you!! I love you ALL.

The first person to celebrate the big day of celeb was her sibling Kim Kardashian West.

On the birthday of her sister, Kim Kardashian West communicated her love for the sister, as quoted, “Happy Birthday to the most beautiful soul! Thank you for always being so positive and thoughtful and caring towards everyone always. You are so loyal and just care so much about everyone around you. Your light glows and I’m so proud to be your sister. I love you forever! Happy Birthday.

The celebs mother Kris Jenner, also showered her love for her “special bunny” and praised her for being such an amazing person.

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