Amazon and SoftBank approached Russian Retailer, Ozon

Amazon and SoftBank approached Russian Retailer, Ozon


On Saturday, news came forward that Amazon and Softbank have approached the Russian online retailer, Ozon. Vladimir Evtushenkov, the majority owner in Sistema’s, said that the Global retail giant Amazon and Japanese SoftBank, both have approached Sistema regarding a practical acquisition of Ozon, the online retailer.

Though it is still not clear if the talks between them had ended or not. But the company said that it was looking for partners to invest in Ozon.

Evtushenkov, after the general meeting of Sistema, reported that Ozon interest is high among the foreign investors. He further added that SoftBank was also interested in Ozon. He said, as quoted, “I can tell you that this is the only company in Russia at which Amazon was looking from the participation point of view.”

Evtushenkov said that the talk of Ozon Chief Executive had met with Jeff Bezos five or six months ago.

He declined to disclose further and said that he won’t comment. According to the reports Ozon has been the topic of interest from Russia’s largest banker  Sberbank of Russia.

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