Jean Castex named as the New French Prime Minister

Jean Castex named as the New French Prime Minister


Jean Castex, has been named as the Prime Minister for the last two years, by the French president Emmanuel Macron. Mr. Castex is a low key center right administrator. He was appointed recently to organize France’s exit from coronavirus lockdown.

French senior official described, Mr.Castex as an ideal choice to be a Macronian. This is because Mr. Catex is both a high level respected civil servant and an elected mayor of a town. The official said, as quoted “He knows the arcane workings of Paris, but is also rooted locally in the countryside. He’s someone who comes from the right but is a social Gaullist“.

Mr.Emmanuel Macron in an interview said that they felt the need to lay a new path and the reinventions and rebuilding method for the country, after the crisis of COVID-19.

Mr. Macron paid tribute to the Prime Minister by saying, as quoted, “For three years by my side he has done a remarkable job with successive governments and we have carried out some important reforms. We have a relationship of trust“. He further added that he would need a new team to rebuild and make the new choices.

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