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Jiomeet launched by Reliance India


On Thursday, India’s richest man formally launched Jiomeet. The company has entered into the new business of Video Conferencing. The company recently has deduced a $15.2 billion fundraise run. Jiomeet is the video conference service launched by the company similar to Zoom.

Jiomeet, similar to zoom and google meet offers the free unlimited number calling and also offers 100 participants on a call. Though it doesn’t impose any time restrictions while using it and can go for uninterrupted calling for 24 hours. But it is still unclear if the service will be free or the paid ones.

The company started it’s testing in May and offers services like enterprise-grade host control. It also includes password protection, share screen, multi-device login, etc. In addition to this, it also includes features like the ability to switch and the host can enable a waiting room. The company has not provided any details if the services could be used by those outside India.

The app comes as a new option for around 10 million people who are working from home, as it enables them to stay in contact with the people around through video conferencing. The app is available to browse through Chrome and Firefox on the desktop.

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