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Mac users beware!


A new malware has been noticed which uses the data from Google searches to attack Mac Users.

According to reports, a new hacking technique has been discovered, which has disguised itself as an update. This has made it undetectable by various antivirus programs.

According to Screenrant, the cyber attackers are now attacking the Mac users, by provoking them to install fake flash updates. Intego posted a report about the details of the new malware attack method.

According to reports, the user is redirected to a different site, once they click the link on Google searches, it directs them to a page that requires to update your flash player.

It is just not possible to detect such a novel attack.

If we talk about Apple, it does give it’s users enough warning about the malicious content. It doesn’t have a button to open the file and can ignore the warning.

But it requires users to disable the settings manually. Though it provides the notification about unsafe content, still the user is just a click away from the malware.

Adobe Flash player has announced that it will stop updating the software in 2020 and now most of the browsers are dropping it. It is said that the company has also stopped its web designing.

The users now have to keep themselves aware while using google searches to stay safe from such a novel cyber attack.

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