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Ouzo Bay witnessed the Racial Discrimination


It seems that incidents of racial discrimination are increasing day by day. On Monday Ouzo Bay in Harbor East, witnessed another incident of racial discrimination.

A video was posted on social media showing how a Black lady, Marcia Grant, and her son were denied service in the Ouzo Bay.

In a video, one can see a black woman with his son wearing athletic shorts, tennis shoes, and an Air Jordan T-shirt. When the lady asked to be seated in the Restaurant, the manager of the restaurant denied providing them service as they were not in proper dress code.

But we can see that a white boy dressed similarly was given the service by the manager.

After the video getting viral the owner of the Atlas Restaurant Group has apologized for the action of the manager and has also informed that the manager has been given indefinite leave. The owner further added that the company never supports such discrimination.

The owner posted on Twitter:

Atlas owner also said that they have even changed the norms of dress code saying that children below 12 years- age, accompanied by their parents are not subject to following the dress code.

This incident comes before nation and movement as a movement for equality and justice after the death of Geroge Floyd. This is not for the first time that Atlas Restaurant has witnessed such incidents. A similar incident was witnessed last year in September by the company.

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