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Men have more strength to fight COVID-19


Reports have proved that men have a stronger capacity to fight against corona as compared to the women. Britain’s National Health Service in the recent study has declared that the men’s body generates more antibodies that are required to fight against COVID-19.

NHS researches have urged the men to come and take part in donating blood to those suffering from the disease. The researchers added that when compared around 43% of the men have antibodies, whereas only 23% of the women have antibodies to fight COVID-19.

The experts at NHS are searching for the availability of “plasma therapy.” The experts are now preparing around 3500 patients from different hospitals to undergo ‘plasma therapy’. The experts are now looking forward to injecting the blood of those having antibodies in the body of patients so that their blood can also start producing the antibodies.

Professor David Robert of NHS said that the globulin produced in the body, remembers the virus and prepare the body to fight against it if attacked again. Since men are the ones who have been attacked most by the virus, so they need to have these antibodies. The therapy proved to be effective when it was used for the first time in 1918, during the attack of ‘Spanish Flu”. So everyone is looking forward to this therapy as an effective way to fight against COVID-19.

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