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Get your FIFA World cup 2022 tickets at $11

Qatar hosting the first ever FIFA World cup 2022 event in the region has finally opened its ticket sales for the fans. The mega sports event will be the first of its kind hosted by the Middle East and the Arab region.

FIFA World cup 2022 schedule matches will be played starting November 21,2022 in Qatar following its final match scheduled to be played on December 18, 2022. FIFA World cup 2022 venue Qatar will be hosting its matches at the 8 different stadiums which are within the 30 mile radius of Doha.

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FIFA World cup 2022 tickets on sale is ranging from as low as $11 to as high as $70. The $11 is the cheapest priced ticket which will only be available for the Qatar residents, on the other hand $70 will be the starting priced ticket available for the non resident national spectators.

However, FIFA World cup 2022 final match ticket has the price ranging from $604 to $1000, which will be 46 percent more costlier then the final match ticket of the previous edition of the FIFA World cup which was held in Russia.

With the upcoming announcement of the full range of prices, FIFA will be distributing the tickets through a regulated process while avoiding the open sale system. Until February 8, there will be a random draw at the conclusion of the first application phase.

Fans can checkout the official website of FIFA 2022 to get their tickets for the FIFA World cup matches. While confirming tickets for individual games, fans can also register and follow-up their favourite team throughout and watch four matches in four different stadiums.

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