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Expert says Amazon’s bull run will continue


The e-commerce giant, Amazon’s share reached 4.8 %, On Tuesday. The site records high up to $3,000 per share.

The site proved to be the best option as Americans turned towards online shopping during the stay at home. Amazon is the winner in the stay at the home economy as it has replaced the retailers. The shares of the company till the year were 64% but has doubled after the low in mid-march. Different people have a different opinion about the stocks as some say that the stocks are noble to unite the economic backdrop, while others say that it does have room to run.

Nancy Tengler, chief investment officer at Laffer Tengler Investments, told that, according to their valuation, the company has been benefiting every year up to 26%. The sales of the company have been increasing, which has been able to support the price. He further added that the investors having an eye on the stock must monitor the performance of the services against the rivals and also must see the margins of the company.

The slow economy does depress the company’s profit just as it restricts the rapid growth. The company has gained a lot all over the year as it attacks the online shopping activity.

Craig Johnson, the senior technical research analyst at Piper Sandler, says that he can see rapid growth in the coming week. He added that the stocks of Amazon have shown a big hit and will again it’s momentum while moving towards the 23rd July earnings.

Johnson said as quoted “If I just look at a chart and sort of measure things out … $3,400, $3,500, sort of at minimum, seems like a price objective of where this stock could ultimately go. So, we’d still be a buyer of Amazon shares here, bottom line“. On Monday the company traded at $3,015.72 per share and the stocks reached $3,030.23

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