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Yellow metal investment returns over 50%


Due to the spread of deadly virus all over the world, economic uncertainties continue to prevail all over the world. The growth in the economic market continues and the significant growth is to be seen in the prices of Gold.

The returns in the gold have moved up this year from January to June. If we compare gold with Sensex, the Sensex has given negative returns and gold has given high returns, 13%, and 23% respectively. If we consider the same for the last 18 months, the yellow metal has given the returns up to 50% and it is expected to go up in the coming times.

Investors at the global level look at the yellow metal as a safe place to invest during this tough time. The concerns about the economic recovery and weak US dollars will continue to make gold as a safe place. This will increase the demand for the precious yellow metal.

Investment in gold can be considered as an ideal investment. One can go up to 10%-15% investment in the same. Though it is not suggested to go for physical gold investment as it can lead to a decrease in the price of resale.

The most efficient investment in the same is to invest in the Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) and gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) of mutual funds. The investment in SGB is at the interest rate of 2.5%, payable bi-annually, and that an ETF is the physical investment but doesn’t include any making charges.

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