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China may face a food crisis in the coming years

With the increasing demand in its population, China is expected to face a food crisis in the coming years. Counting on since 1949, the country has lost its one-fifth of the agricultural land, due to urbanisation and industrialisation. At present, the country is left with only 10-15% of the land for agriculture; as a result a huge difference is seen in the agricultural supply and the demand in the country.


The country’s population is expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2030 and for that, it needs to produce around 100 million tons of food grains per year. The country not only needs to manage its 7% of the total global cultivable land to feed the 22% of the world’s population, but also has to deal with other factors such as natural calamities, food wastage and the risk of insect infestation on the country’s food supply.

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