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Brazil reporting record 2,930 Covid deaths per day


With consistent surge in daily Covid-19 cases, Brazil is reporting 2,930 daily Covid fatalities since the last seven days, which is also the highest highest in the world.

As per the country’s Ministry of Health data, the south American nation has registered another 93,317 Covid infections and 3,693 deaths from the virus in the last 24 hours. Now the cumulative number of infections within the nation has touched the mark of 13,373,174 and the death has reached to 3,48,718.

The healthcare system is in high pressure as the hospitals in 19 states and capital Brasilia is having more than 90 percent occupancy of the intensive care units. Besides this the country has managed to immunize 22,170,108 individuals which is 10.47 percent of the country’s total population through its vaccination programs.

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