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Radiations detected near Baltic Sea


On Friday, Stockholm monitoring station detected Radiations. The same was observed by a body running a worldwide network of sensors.  The radiations were detected somewhere on or near the Baltic Sea and are expected, higher than usual. Though it is said that, the isotopes produced by nuclear fission are harmless.

Hundreds of monitoring stations use seismic and other technologies to check nuclear weapon tests anywhere in the world.  These networks are seen by The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization and the technology can also be used in other things as well.

On Friday,  Lassina Zerbo, the chief of CTBTO tweeted that three isotopes  Cs-134, Cs-137 & Ru-103 are detected at the Stockholm monitoring Station.

He further added that these radiations were detected on 22 and 23 June. The post also showed the locations on the map, as to where they have come from before they were detected.

This covered a larger area including Finland, Baltic countries, part of western Russia, and the tips of Denmark and Sweden. A spokeswoman of Vietnam CTBTO said that the particles we’re definitely the product of nuclear fission from a civil source. She further added that, though they are trying to identify the source it is outside the CTBTO authorization to find the exact location of the particle’s origin.

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