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Researchers of Jadhav University to help ISRO with their findings


According to reports, the two researchers of Jadavpur University are working for an ISRO project. The project is on soft landing on the moon and other planets.

Sayan Chatterjee told PTI that the model is Simulation-based and takes into account the gradual spiral descent, which is planned when the lander touches down. It occurs when the lander gets the angular view when it has a boulder at the landing site.

He further added that it ensures a safe landing and touches the ground like a feather.

Chatterjee added as quoted, “We are doing the designing and simulation part based on our data. We can give an example of a kite that catches prey while flying after getting an angular view of the target. Once the designing part is done with, ISRO will do the fabrication.”

Dr. Amitava Gupta, Professor, Department of Power Engineering, said that this research considers the proper landing, how the lander moves, how it rotates. It even ensures that, while landing sudden speed is not gained by the lander because of the gravitational pull.

He further added that they are even involving the undergraduate students in the project so that they can get the disclosure to live Projects.

Chatterjee informed that their findings are expected to be used by ISRO in their next Chandrayan Mission.

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