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Brexit deadline called of by Mr.Johnson


As the world is fighting with the pandemic, here comes another news for the countrymen about the delay in Brexit.

Boris Johnson oblate to drag the deadline of Brexit amid the threat of Coronavirus.

Boris Johnson has now come under the pressure to ask for the extension from European Union until the virus exists.

If you talk about the terms of the withdrawal agreement with the bloc. Legally European Union was left by Britain on 31 Jan but was now in the transition period. The new deal was supposed to be hit until 31st December.

European officials have informed that the timetable was hopelessly compressed.

The analyst has said that Mr.Johnson took a call of his right and requested the government for an extension. This will allow the governments on both sides to concentrate on dealing with the deadly virus.

On Friday, a spokesman of Mr.Johnson informed that there was no need to ask for the extension and even in such a situation there are other ways to perform the negotiations.

The opening round of negotiation took place in Brussels, this month and had the difference between both the governments. The next meeting was planned with a negotiator next week in London, which has been called off.

Mr. Johnson, informed on Wednesday, that his government would fill 30 billion pounds, to stabilize the impacts of the virus on the economy and propose a shorter extension of around a few months.

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