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One more deadly virus detected in China


It seems like, with the passing of time the situation all over the world is turning worse. The crisis of pandemic is yet not over. On one side the world is busy searching a vaccine for the deadly Coronavirus and on the other side here is the new terrifying study from China.

The scientists of China have reported about the new flu, which has the possibility of turning into a pandemic. According to the research, the flu is to be carried by the pigs but can attack humans.

The matter concerning the researchers is that this may lead to a new global outbreak and can transfer from person to person. They further added that it is not an immediate problem, but do need close monitoring.

The flu that has been detected in China is similar to the Swine flu that was detected in 2009. Though some new changes have been observed in the flu.

The researchers also said that the flu last time didn’t pose much threat as some people had immunity against it. But this can turn into the deadliest one. Prof Kin-Chow Chang and colleagues studying the virus, have said that the flu hasn’t posed any threat, as for now. But it is something that we should have an eye on.

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