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Nvidia Corp hit the deal with Mercedes Benz


Nvidia Corp, the maker of semiconductor has hit a deal with Germany’s Daimler Mercedes Benz. The company is supposed to produce a car with a chip and software platform.  The one can be used for the autonomous driving functions.

Danny Shapiro told the reporter that they plan to join forces by creating a software vehicle and to lead across the entire next generation.

Though he has not disclosed the financial terms of the deal. But the deal covers a chip and software for the whole system.

The deal was followed by the pause to an alliance with rival carmaker BMW, that happened last week in the area concerning automated driving.

Shapiro informed that the autonomous vehicle processor, Mercedes-Benz would be a standard vehicle. The consumers will be able to update the software of the car, similar to that of their smartphone.

If we talk of Merced -Benz, in 2019, it has sold around 2.39 million cars worldwide. Shapiro said that the two companies have been working for over five years on autonomous driving and artificial intelligence car technology.

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