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Hinduja brothers battle reaches Court


The most known Hinduja family battle has now come out. The battle between the brothers has reached the UK high court.

The battle is for the control of assets. A. P Hinduja who is handling switzerland based Hinduja bank. In 2014 the brothers had  signed a letter saying that the assets of the group were inhabited by them and each would assign the others as their executors.

S.P. Hinduja according to the documents is now unable to perform his duties because of illness.

Seeing the condition, the court has decided that Vinoo Hinduja, daughter of S.P. Hinduja, would act on behalf of him. This decision was opposed by the Hinduja brothers.

Last week itself the Hinduja Bank had appointed Shanu Hinduja, daughter of S.P.Hinduja, as chairperson, and her son Karam as CEO, of the bank.

Different companies are run by Hinduja brothers and their childrens all over the world. The company owns establishments in various sectors such as banking (IndusInd Bank), automobile (Ashok Leyland), and many more in the chemical, media and electricity generation.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the Hinduja Brothers combined wealth is around $11.2 billion.

According to the court judgment, the three brothers were prohibited to meet S.P.Hinduja for sometime.

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