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Nest users now covered by Google’s ultra-secure Advanced Protection


Advanced Protection Program will now be covering the accounts for Google’s Nestline for smart home devices.

It is the one that has provided security to the journalists, election workers, politicians, and other people, who are mostly the target of hackers.

In 2017, Google rolled out an APP, which consisted of two physical security keys. Similar to those available for Yubico, Google’s Titan brand, or other providers.  Generally, the keys are connected through USB slots or Near field communication, or Bluetooth interfaces. The last provide cryptographic secrets once registered. It also restricts the number of apps to be connected to the protected account. Though the registering of Thunderbird to connect to Gmail account is quite easy.

Google on  Monday, announced its extension of APP to Nest. The nest is a line device used by the users to control the thermostats, locks, home entertainment systems, and other household devices. The devices have been subject to nasty hacks.  Fetching APP to Nest provides security to the accounts, that have access to household moments. Enrolling just requires transferring Nest accounts Google accounts. The user can then go through the normal process of enrollment, and once the phone is added people can use it to the bootstrap smart home devices connected to the account.

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