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Bitcoin Rockets Past $10,000—Wall Street Investors Already Expect More


On Monday evening, a strong breakout was experienced in Bitcoin’s price. This took place after strengthening for $10,000 for ten days.

If we consider the data from the leadership of currency busted from $9600  to the highest of $10429 on Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange, it is the highest since February 2020.

The surge of over an hour was conducted, which showed $123 million was liquidated by BitMEX alone.

The former Goldman Sachs GSBD partner from the past two months has made multiple media appearances.  In his appearances, he has claimed that the monetary and fiscal stimulus that the central banks and government initiating will act as a stimulus for BTC to move higher.

The investors of Prominent Wall Street turned crypto bulls already expecting more upside.He has also mentioned that Bitcoin block is something that can strongly add to cryptocurrency’s bull case.

Shortly after the surge past $10000 occurred,  the investors shared a chart depicting Bitcoins price breaking past a technical downtrend. The investors attached with the chart a comment saying “No Big Deal”.

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