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Microsoft ready to take over Google in Australia


With the ongoing row in Australia between the search engine giant Google and the government of Australia over the new law, Microsoft has confirmed to take over the key services if required.

The recently introduced law for the payments to the domestic media outlets driving traffic to the internet giant Google and social media leader Facebook, has raised the discontentment between the tech giants. Calling the law unworkable, last month the giants cleared that they would withdraw key services for the country if the regulations went ahead.

Following the situation Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft has had a talk with the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and assured that the company was ready to increase the presence of its search tool Bing.

Prime Minister told reporters, “I can tell you, Microsoft’s pretty confident, when I spoke to Satya”. He also added, “We just want the rules in the digital world to be the same that exist in the real world, in the physical world”.

As per Reuters Microsoft representative confirmed the talk and said, “We recognise the importance of a vibrant media sector and public interest journalism in a democracy and we recognise the challenges the media sector has faced over many years through changing business models and consumer preferences”.

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