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Black Lives Matter proposed for Nobel Peace Prize

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Black Lives Matter, a movement highlighting the racial abuse, which stormed across the world following the death of an African American black man George Floyd, has been proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize. A Norwegian MP has confirmed the news on Saturday.

Originated in the United States in the year 2013, the movement again came into limelight after the death incident on the street during May,2020. The victim George Floyd was knelt by a police officer for nearly eight minutes despite his plea that he was unable to breathe, which finally resulted as the loss of life to the victim.

Petter Eide, a socialist lawmaker who proposed the Black Lives Matter for the Peace Prize told AFP that, “This movement has become one of the strongest global movements for working with racial injustice”. He also added that, “They have also been spread to many many countries, building up… awareness on the importance of fighting racial injustice”.

This year several other popular names have been proposed for the prize including Julian Assange, media rights group RSF, Donald Trump, Khalsa Aid, the World Health Organization, Greta Thunber, Alexei Navalny and several others.

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