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World Without Waste: Coca Cola aspires 100% recycle by 2030


On this World Environment Day, the company coca-cola has started it’s journey with the aim of 100% recycled.

The company said that, in order to support a cleaner environment and to show responsibility, the company is reshaping its packaging. This is done with the global goal to collect and recycle the equivalent of 100 % of it’s packaging by the year 2030.

The organization in a statement said the environment is a crucial sensitive point. It persists as a centerpiece of the firm’s vision for a World Without Waste, the sustainability campaign which was launched in 2018. Officials said that the company with this vision is trying to invest in the planet and packaging by making more endurable packaging items. To promote the packing collection, proper waste disposal, and recycling, the company is partnering with the local community, NGOs, etc.

According to the company, the campaign is motivated by focusing on penetrative behavioral change norms in partnership with local organizations.

The Coca Cola System situated in Nigeria under the campaign World Without Waste has evolved through several strategic plans.

The company is structured around three strategic partnership pillars of Design, Collect, and Partner. This makes Coca Cola master an industry alliance, Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA), a registered Producer Responsibility Organization running Food and Beverage packaging recovery in Nigeria.

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