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Workforce automation rate accelerates in India

The world and most importantly Indian subcontinent have seen several drastic changes in the past six months, due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. A recent report by World Economic Forum states that, the most important and promising of these changes has been the automation of the workforce by most companies, which has been faster than that was expected globally. The study quoted as, “Businesses with operations in India are accelerating automation and digitisation above the global average. While 58 per cent are accelerating automation of tasks, compared to 50 per cent globally, as many as 87 per cent are accelerating digitalisation of work processes, above the global average of 84 per cent”.


There have been studies that support the cause that the outlook of automation and initialization has future of work and has arrived quite early due to the pandemic. It is expected that this Robot Revolution is likely to create 97 million new jobs and shortly one can expect the equal division of work between humans and machines by most businesses in India.

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