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Trump tweets ANTIFA will be labeled a terrorist organization


ANTIFA, a far-left, anti-fascist militant political activist movement, set up to achieve their political objectives by the means of direct action, labeled as a terrorist organization by US President.

Donald Trump, the US president on Sunday tweeted

The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a terrorist organization.”

As the tensions of COVID -19 continues to exist, the US President has taken the decision of designating ANTIFA as a terrorist organization. Though the government of the US has no existing legal authority to label a domestic group like this.

According to the former and current government officials, it is believed to be unconstitutional. Because the US prohibit First Amendment, protected activity based on the simple ideology inside the US.

The country entitles terrorist designations for foreign groups. The groups belonging to this doesn’t enjoy the same.

The call for terrorist designations comes because the far-left groups have been involved in many of the violent protests across the country.

The President has labeled it so, because he thinks that the left-wing groups are leading to the violence at anti-police cruelness protests.

Even after various discussion, Trump is convinced that the blame lies with ATIFA.

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