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Rakesh Jhunjuwala says India to witness next bull run soon


Rakesh Jhunjunwala, an ace investor says that India is at the advent of the mother of all bull runs. The investor said that once the lockdown ends, the Indian government will increase the expenditure.

Every bull market tends to be bigger than the previous one, is said by the Big Bull in an interview with ET NOW.

The investor said that the bull markets are not 50 -overs games, but a test match.

The March selloff took a brutal toll on investor belief and said that he won’t be surprised if the market strengthens from here on, said the billionaire investor.

As said by the big bull, he is unable to see any significant downside from here on and the abiding market can lead to the expansion of PE and EPS.

Jhunjunwala said, as quoted “I think the Covid-19 crisis has been blown out of proportion and has created an unnecessary fear psychosis. After all, it’s a flu, and not plague or cancer. I do not think anything will change in the long run. We will travel and go back to restaurants

According to him, the market has hardly made money in the last three years.

Warren Buffet of India, Jhunjhunwala, often that the government was waiting to process the COVID -19  damage and would also do what is needed for going ahead.

Jhunjhunwala says that he does expect the housing finance sector to hit badly but sees NBFCs in confederation. He expects financials to remain rangebound.

Jhunjunwala said that the fall in stocks was something very uncertain and says the real picture of NPA will get clear by December. The investor has felt a lot of assumptions regarding a possible stake in bankruptcies. He also said that one should note that the number of customers availing EMI suspension at State Bank Of India is much lower than the other so-called Big- Banks.

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