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IN-SPACe: with ISRO aiming own missions, India could have its own SpaceX

Though ISRO’s lander on the Chandrayan-II met an accident, but there is no doubt that ISRO would have concluded it well. As the organisation was able to put an orbiter around the moon, with the cost one tenth as compared to the previous launches by the other space agencies round the Globe. And also remembering the hard work and technical excellence of the ISRO because of which the organisation has got the reputation of lowest-cost satellite launches all over the world.


Few years back K.Sivan, the chief, in an interview told that, to make an expected number of satellites and to launch them, ISRO may require a minimum of 4 years. He further added that with better technology, the demand will be touching the skies. Similarly in the space sector, the capacity to handle the satellites had reached up to 1000 times that of the ISRO’s older satellites. He also mentioned that ISRO was quite small and has rented several requirements from the private satellite firms around the world.

In order to keep the pace with both growing demand and technology, the most recent development by the central government is that they have decided to set up the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe), which will act as a bridge to private players.

While recent briefing the minister of space mentioned that the step taken by the government will act as a regulator while allowing private players to use the infrastructure of the organisation hence allowing ISRO to focus on its R&D activities.

At the same time giving importance to technology transfer and building capacities of the private players keeping eye on its own missions such as Man on the moon, Indian space station etc.  He said that with this India can aim at having SpaceX or a BlueOrigin of its own. Not only this but can also aim at enhancing in other areas as well.

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