COVID-19 vaccine, Human trial to begin in South Africa

COVID-19 vaccine, Human trial to begin in South Africa


The whole world is searching for the cure of the deadly disease COVID-19. The virus that has turned a threat to everyone’s life.

Recently a study was done by Pirbright Institute, in a coalition with the University of Oxford has shown that the two doses of the vaccine ChAdOx1 to-19 (AZD1222) Covid-19 have boosted the antibodies response in pigs.

The vaccine has been formulated by Oxford University’s Jenner Institute and licensed to AstraZeneca. As per sources more research is needed by the researchers to substantiate the finding in humans. Further researchers have added that the combination of T-response and the neutralizing antibody is hoped to control and prevent the infection from the deadly virus.

Another news of testing of COVID-19 vaccine comes from the South Africa. It is reported that the trial of the vaccine will start on Wednesday. The vaccine is going to be tested with around 2000 volunteers and around 50 volunteers are the ones who are suffering from HIV.

It has been reported that the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford in partnership with AstraZeneca Plc, is undergoing the test of the vaccine in humans separately.

All over the world the number of infected people due to coronavirus has gone up to 9 million and more than 470,000 death cases have been reported

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