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Harley Davidson may exit its India operations


Harley Davidson, the American motorcycle maker is planning to leave its India operations as part of its fresh restructuring programme. It is said that the company’s management is planning to focus the key markets which suites their expected sales volume and profitability. However the chairman Jochen Zeitz has also stated that the regional offices have the power to decide for the local business. It is to be noted that the company has sold nearly 2,500 units and exported nearly 2,100 units in the earlier fiscal period ending March 2020. While the sales and the exports since the pandemic (April-June) has declines to 106 units and 229 units.

Meanwhile it is also speculated that the company might be hoping to get imports of high capacity engine motorcycles cheaper in the coming times as the government has announced in February that, motorcycles more than 1600 cc will attract a single digit import tariff as against 50% for all motorcycles.

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