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Google to face new antitrust case in India

Alphabet Inc’s Google is facing new antitrust case in India, in which the U.S tech giant is alleged to have abused its Android operating system’s position in the smart television market.


The case has been filed by two Indian antitrust lawyers, Kishitiz Arya and Purushottam  Anand. It is Google’s fourth major antitrust case in India, currently it is facing public criticism from local startups for enforcing certain policies and company charges which the businesses count as a barrier to their growth.

At the same time Google is facing new antitrust challenge in the U.S, and a potential antitrust probe in China that is set to look into how it allegedly uses its dominance of its operating system to stifle competition. The Competition Commission of India is looking for allegations that Google engages in anticompetitive practice by creating barriers since June. The Antitrust watchdog could order wider investigation against Google.

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